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The Dangkor dumpsite near the Killing Fields in Phnom Penh has grown into the home of a few hundred waste pickers, who are making a small and very unhealthy living by searching for tradable items on a fast rising mountain of smelliest trash.

Life is hard on the Phnom Penh dumpsite where climate, crime and animals are dictating the daily routines that include carrying large amounts of potentially valuable litter down to a small settlement of most basic huts in which some of the poorest Cambodians are living without water and electricity.

And right now we are celebrating the 10 years anniversary of our website with this video.

Living on the Dumpsite

Life of a waste picker

Some parts of Cambodia are seeing a lot of wealth and tourists on fancy beaches and in the posher streets in Phnom Penh, but only very few visitors dare to have a look at the daily human tragedies of the waste pickers on the Dangkor dumpsite.

Instead, thousands of visitors are coming out to the nearby Killing Fields where they spend 2 Dollars on a beer which normally costs less than a Dollar.

Why don't tourists come out to the dumpsite to make a small donation and to learn about the hard life of a few hundred waste pickers.

Why not visit Pastor Sihok to learn about the Killing Hill of Phnom Penh where permanent intoxication is a daily threat and challenge.

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Phnom Penh Dumpsite 2017

Helping on the Dumpsite

Get involved

Supporting Pastor Sihok and Swiss organizer Klaus Emig means clothes, food and medicine to make life a little bit better for a very humble but truly suffering group of people, who have to work very hard for less than one Dollar a day.

We also have to send a big thank you to our like minded supporters such as Kneuss.com

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Phnom Penh Dumpsite 2017

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