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The 2018 Update

The new School

January: A man had suffered from a stroke and we did help him with Fr. 500 by having paid for for doctors and medicine. See the the photo.

Another Medicalchec - up was performed on 11.8.18 when 112 people were examined while in general, the medical care, and the lessons at the school are running very well.

Medical check-usp take place 3 times a year and works like this: Every person tha has already been registered does respond to the check-up person in charge. This is followed by blood pressure measurement and the examination by the 3 volunteer doctors from the hospitals of Phnom Penh who also manage in our in-house pharmacy.

Many people suffer from wound infection, acute vitamin deficiency and hypotension.

The village on the dump site is now filled with soil, so that the road with the property is on one level what is a difficult situation at the moment as the houses and the school have to be dismantled, and temporarily sheltered on the neighboring property.

The big advantage is that if the plot and the street will be on one level, there will be no more over flooding in the rainy season.

Heart stroke patientPhnom PenhHeart stroke patient

The new Construction

Phnom Penh Dangkor Dumpsite Schule Phnom Penh Dangkor Dumpsite Schule

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