Phnom Penh Cambodia

The January 2015 Update

Pastor Sihok's keynote:

My dearest beloved brothers and sisters in Switzerland,
I am very deeply greeting you all from Cambodia.

First of all I would love to say thank you very and very much for your always care, kindness, loving and sacrifices to help and support the ministry in dump site through your financial for the really poor people in dump site in Cambodia. They are very thankful to you for your great help.

Now please allow me to give you the report about the Christmas program and the medical mission on the dump site that we did it last Sunday 21st, 2014 with Brother Klaus.
I started the Christmas program at 8:00 o'clock in the morning until 9:00 AM and from 9:00 AM until the afternoon we did the medical mission because most of the people in dump site they have many kinds of disease they really need a medical care for them. Thank you very much for your support that why we able to do all these program.

By the grace of God we have 45 kids and 87 adults for the attendant and we did the program like this:

- I have my young people group singing the Christmas songs for them

- I preach for them about the Eternal gift that God given to us. I told them the gifts that I will give to them, they can use only for the short time. But the gift that God give will stay forever and ever

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Phnom Penh Dangkor Dumpsite

Medical mission 2015 Dumpsite

Please have a look at our financial balance
which is available as a pdf download right here Part 1 & Part 2

Phnom Penh Dangkor Dumpsite

Medical mission 2015 Dumpsite

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