Phnom Penh Cambodia

The March 18/2014 Update

Pastor Sihok's keynote:

Dearest beloved Brothers and Sisters,

warmest greetings from the very poor people in dump site!

My beloved Brothers and Sisters, I would love to let you know, that I am really thankful for the work of Brother Klaus and Mum Setha who are really helping the people in dump site together with their supporters in Switzerland.

The really poor people in dump site always think, that there is no future for them, because they live day by day with not enough food and no one caring about them.

During the visit

of Brother Klaus and Mum Setha, we decided to set up a medical mission for the people in the dump site because all of them are facing many kind of diseases, but because of a lack of finance they can not go to a hospital.

For that reason we were doing this medical mission on the dump site on last Friday from 8:15 AM until 4:00 PM with 14 staff and two Doctors who volunteer to support the initiative.

That's why we were able to do checkups on 132 patients, 43 men, 70 ladies, 8 boys and 9 girls.

The Program

We started with a worship service from the people in the dump site to thank Brother Klaus and Mum Sytha for all the care and encouragement received also from all their supporters from Switzerland.

After that we were instructing the dumpsite people about basic general hygiene by showing them some pictures so that they can follow to practice in their life.

Then the Doctor were conducting checkups on the patients, who were organized by numbers.

After discussing the patients problems, the Doctors were providing medicine.

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Phnom Penh Dangkor Dumpsite

Medical mission 2014 Dumpsite

Phnom Penh Dangkor Dumpsite

Medical mission 2014 Dumpsite

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